Here is a basic checklist to prepare an occupied and furnished home, it doesn't need to be perfect but it's important to have  the house as presentable as possible, and ready for photos and videos. The  home should be ready as soon as the shoot was scheduled.



Online “curb appeal” for the front yard and a clean relaxing space for the back yard

o   Close garage doors

o   Remove cars from driveway and front of home

o   Clean up landscaping

o   Remove toys, basketballs, etc.

o   Clean porch, tidy up outdoor tables/chairs/cushions

o   Clean pool & Hide pool supplies

o   Hide trash cans

Kitchen/ Bathroom

o   Clear countertops completely. (If possible)

o   Clear outside of refrigerator of magnets, papers, photos, etc.

o   Hide garbage cans

o   Remove dishes from sink, place in dishwasher

o   Have clean towels, if presented


o   Clear table top, mantels, desks

o   Use decorative place setting if available

o   Straighten all chairs

o   Remove stacks of magazines, papers, mail, etc.

o   Clean interior of fireplace

o   Fluff and arrange furniture pillows

o   Remove kid's toys


o   Make bed, including decorative pillows/shams if available

o   Clear nightstands and desks of all personal items

o   Store away charging cables

o   Remove all clutter from top of dressers

o   Remove family photos from walls


o   Restrain pets to prevent interference (leash, cage, etc)