Why hire a photographer for your property?

Many people spend a lot of time looking for an apartment that looks great. We help leverage apartments in any competitive locations. Leasing agents understand the importance of images, and photography is their greatest and easiest tool to drive traffic. Smart phone cameras can do great things but are still limited by their hardware. Photography is a skill that requires knowledge of equipment, and excellent editing abilities. Our photographers have experience photographing hundreds of apartments and houses, so you can trust that your community's images will be done perfectly the first time.


Most photographers make the majority of their income on family portraits, wedding photos, and senior pictures, which means that the majority of their training, experience, and equipment are geared toward photographing people, not apartments. RP Photography focuses exclusively on real estate and property, ensuring that your community’s photography is in the hands of a trained, experienced, and outfitted photography professional..




Create a High Performance Website

Potential tenants visit your website to look at your units with  the hopes to learn about your community.  With plenty of  engaging images  your website will generates more qualified leads and collect tenants faster. Highlight more than just your units, welcome them with the lifestyle of your community.


Boost Your Craigslist Posts


Sure, you can make your craigslist posts look extravagant with fonts and unique descriptions but RPP leverages your community's photos to make your community look valuable, not just sound valuable. With images branded with your company logo, they will visit your website to see and  learn about what is available to them,


How apartment photography work in your profit strategy

When the photos that people see on Google and Craigslist aren’t appealing, it limits the number of people that are interested in renting their. This further reduces the number of people who even bother to visit your website, which further limits their leads, and leases. Instead, manufacture demand for your property with beautiful photos that will create interest among your potential renters.

Capture the attention of people who find you with stunning images of your property. Then, hold on to their attention with the great benefits the apartments have to offer them. With great images of your community it will make them want to be a part of it.


By sharing RPP’s visual content across multiple channels, you will have more leases signed and will have created a lasting impression with your renters. Professional photos can be used to make beautiful publications and brochures that are given and seen by future tenants.



Offered services for property managers, leasing agents, agencies, and owners. 


  • 75 to 90 Second Video
  • Pro-Editing
  • Logo Branding
  • Realtor Picture & Info
  • License Free Music
2 Hours Shooting

Baron Package

  • 12-15 Interior Photos
  • 1 Exterior Photo
  • Slideshow Video
  • Logo Branding
45 minutes Shooting

Tycoon Package

  • 20 Interior Photos
  • 5 Exterior Photos
  • Amenities Photos
  • 5 Neighborhood Attractions Photos ex) Parks, lakes, Trails, Malls, Resteraunts
  • Slideshow Video
  • Logo Branding
45 minutes Shooting

Mogul Package

  • Client Testimonial
  • Community VIdeo Footage
  • Hollywood Video Editing
  • Includes Tycoon Package


e-Magine lets the buyer see how an empty home  could look and feel. With a large catalog of selections we can  create the perfect style for each room  from traditional, modern, or classic. to help the buyer imagine how the space could become theirs.